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Northern Hills - Cattle are present on Summer Hill. Cattle, sheep and lambs are moving to east of the Beacon above St Anns Well at the end of the week.

Central Hills - Heavily pregnant sheep present at the east side of Black Hill until mid April when they will be taken off for lambing

Southern Hills - Heavily pregnant sheep present on British Camp and Ragged Stone Hill until end of the week when they will be taken off for lambing.

Castlemorton and Hollybed Commons - Pregant sheep and young lambs and cows and calves present throughout.

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The Malvern Hills and Commons

The Malvern Hills have been described as a mountain range in miniature; the eight mile ridge contains some of the oldest rocks in Britain and their craggy outline is reminiscent of the uplands further west into Wales. A walk in the Hills is strenuous enough that Mallory walked here in preparation for his ascent of Everest. Today you can enjoy over 3000 acres of open countryside climbing to the highest point at Worcestershire Beacon or relax whilst quietly rambling along the wooded slopes.

The Malvern Hills Conservators

The Malvern Hills Conservators were established under the Malvern Hills Act 1884. There have been four subsequent Acts in 1909, 1924, 1930 and 1995. The Malvern Hills Acts were set up to protect the rights of Commoners and the public and to prevent encroachment on the Malvern Hills, lands and commons. Under these and other relevant Acts the Malvern Hills Conservators shall manage the Hills to:

  • Preserve the natural aspect
  • Protect and manage trees, shrubs, turf and other vegetation
  • Prevent unlawful digging and quarrying
  • Keep the Hills open, unenclosed and unbuilt on as open spaces for the recreation and enjoyment of the public
  • Conserve and enhance biodiversity, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments on its land.

The Conservators are also a registered charity (charity number 515804).


Notice of Election for the Link Ward

Please find below the information for those standing to represent the Link Ward on the Board of the Malvern Hills Conservators.

Voting will take place on the 26th March 2015. Please note that voting will be open from 7am untill 10pm (not 11pm as reported in the Malvern Gazette).

Notice of Poll

Statement of Persons Nominated

Notice of Election Agents

Information of Election candidates - Malvern Gazette


Part Two Consulatation - Land Management Plan

Many thanks for all your comments received on Part 1 of the draft Management Plan. They have proved very useful in shaping the document.

A public consultation on Part 2 is now up and running. While Part 1 identified all the features present on MHC land, Part 2 is a short but vital section that evaluates all identified features with a view to recognising the more important things to focus our efforts on in future.

Part 2 also looks into ideal objectives and discusses the key factors that influence our work and our land. Part 3 will then provide objectives and detail a work programme to cover the next 5 years.

The deadline for your comments on Part 2 is 22 March 2015.

Please send your comments to:

Land Management Plan - Part 2

Appendix 2: Land Management Plan Feature Ranking Tables:


Annual Accounts

Trustees' Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2014

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