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In 2013 the Board reviewed the number of meetings it holds Board Meeting will now be held quarterly in March, June, September and December. All meetings are open to the public.

About Us

Introduction to the Conservators

What Do We Do?

The Malvern Hills Conservators manage over 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) of land on the Hills and Commons of Malvern. The Conservators were established under the Malvern Hills Act 1884. There have been four subsequent Acts in 1909, 1924, 1930 and 1995. The Malvern Hills Acts were set up to protect the rights of Commoners and the public and to prevent encroachment on the Malvern Hills, lands and commons. Under these and other relevant Acts the Malvern Hills Conservators shall manage the Hills to:

  • Preserve the natural aspect
  • Protect and manage trees, shrubs, turf and other vegetation
  • Prevent unlawful digging and quarrying
  • Keep the Hills open, unenclosed and unbuilt on as open spaces for the recreation and enjoyment of the public
  • Conserve and enhance biodiversity, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments on its land.

These objectives sometimes conflict, although we aim to find the most appropriate balance.

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How Do We Work?

The Board meets every three months in March, June, September and December. At these meetings the Board considers the reports presented by its committees and officers and questions from the public. If you wish to ask a question, please send this in writing to arrive at the office no later than 12 noon on the Tuesday prior to the Board Meeting. All the Board and Committee meetings are open to the public, except where litigation or financially sensitive matters are involved.

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Who Are We?

The Board of Conservators consists of both elected and nominated members.

Eleven of the 29 members of the Board are elected directly by the electors in the parishes and wards that pay the precept. Elections are held every four years.

Of the other 18 members 17 are nominated by local authorities and one by the Church Commissioners

The Malvern Hills Conservators are also a registered charity - Charity Number 515804

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How Does The Work Get Done?

Ashdown ForestThe Board employs a Director, and his team includes a Conservation Officer with particular responsibilities for land management and the organisation of the work programme of the Operations Manager, Field Staff and contractors. There are also three Wardens and additional voluntary Wardens who, when patrolling the Hills, are able to meet, inform and help visitors, whilst at the same time encouraging respect for the countryside. We are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to help out as a Voluntary Warden or join in our conservation days. Also volunteers and work in partnership with other bodies. Staff diagram


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How Is The Organisation Funded?

Two thirds of the cost of managing the land under the jurisdiction of the Conservators is met by a levy on Council Tax payers from the Wards of Malvern, together with the parishes of Colwall, Guarlford and Mathon. This levy is collected on behalf of the Conservators by the District Council. The balance is largely made up by income from car parking and, increasingly, grants from outside funding bodies.

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There is an Annual Meeting of Council Tax payers each September. Accounts for the year may be obtained prior to the meeting from the Conservators' Office.

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Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

This is a partnership of local authorities that come together to protect a national designated area. The designation covers a much larger area than the Hills and has tighter planning controls.

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