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Little by little
Every day, every week, every year.

You may not have noticed it. Because it's silent and slow and stealthy.

But it's changing the face of the hills...

Conservators Awards

National Award for Reintroducing GrazingNational Award for Reintroducing Grazing

The Malvern Hills Conservators have been successful in obtaining a grant from Natural England to support the costs of the grazing project for the next 10 years on the Northern and Central Hills. The project is based around using the grazing to preserve and enhance the nationally important wildlife grasslands on the Hills and also to conserve and restore the Shire Ditch (a medieval feature running the length of the Hills that recent research suggests is Iron Age).

This will fund all the work on the grazing for this time and obviously helps the local levy payer in funding the management of the Hills. This is the third largest grant in the West Midlands that the Hills Conservators have been successful with and reflects the need for the Hills to be nationally as well as locally funded.


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