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The Malvern Hills Conservators are a registered charity (charity number 515804). Please contact us if you wish to give a donation.

Malvern Hills Conservators, Manor House, Grange Road, Malvern, WR14 3EY

01684 892002


Donations & Legacies

We need your help to continue our work of conserving the Malvern Hills and Commons, your donations make a difference. Each gift no matter how large or small can help us deliver projects that will protect and enhance the Malvern Hills and Commons for generations to come.

Please give generously at

Follow the links to your preferred choice of donation by clicking on the below images.

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Some examples of recent use of the gifts we have received:

Fishing Platformimproved bridge at Malvern Common
A fishing platform at Clevelode
on the River Severn
Improved bridge at Malvern Common

We cannot accept any donations towards trees.

Scattering of Ashes

We often get asked whether ashes of loved ones can be scattered on the Hills. This is a good way to link a person who loves the area with the Hills and also leaves a special place for that person to be remembered. Can we advise you of a few tips. For privacy please walk away from the top of the Hill and go somewhere a little more private. Also make sure the ashes are well and truly sent to the four winds. Please do not mark the site with stones, flowers or other objects.

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