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Give a donation

There are three ways of giving:

  • sending a cheque made payable to the Malvern Hills Conservators;
  • with cash (we do not recommend sending cash in the post);
  • directly to the Malvern Hills Conservators' bank account.


Give it...

Memorial Bench Scheme - Due to a high number of requests, we are no longer able to accept donations for memorial benches on the Malvern hills and commons.

Following a recent survey of all the benches on the Malvern Hills and Commons, those wishing to donate a bench have been placed on a waiting list to be contacted when a space for a bench becomes available. Unfortunately, we now have all the potential spaces filled where benches are in such poor condition that they need replacing.

There may be an opportunity for us to resume the Memorial Bench Scheme in the future. Please check this page again, which will be updated should our circumstances change. If you still wish to make a kind donation to the Malvern Hills Conservators for the ongoing management of the hills and commons, please see examples of how your donation could help below.

All donations are very gratefully received and help to continue the work of conserving the Malvern Hills and Commons.

Oak gateThe Malvern Hills Conservators are a registered charity (charity number 515804). We need your help to continue our work of conserving the Malvern Hills and Commons. Choose to give a one-off amount or a regular monthly gift.




How your donation could help:

AmountCould pay for...
£10a metre of hedge to be managed in the traditional way or a meter of path repair
£20a new spade for one of our volunteers
£30a Daubentons bat box
£50bracken management to improve the High Brown Fritillary butterfly's habitat.
£55a Pipestrelle Bat Box
£100a 100 wildflower plugs
£170a 1kg of native wild flower seed
£250a 0.5 acres of Habitat management (scrub or Bracken management)
£400a GPS system for Wildlife Recording
£500a 1 acre of Habitat management or Tree Surgery on a Veteran Tree
£1000a traditional oak hand gate
HedgelayingOne of our many volunteers
HedgelayingOne of our many volunteers
High Brown ButterflyOak gate
High Brown Fritillary butterfly
(photo taken by Matthew Oates)
Tradional Oak Gate

Make a Donation:

To make a one-off donation please send a cheque made payable to the Malvern Hills Conservators to our address below.

Our address is:

Malvern Hills Conservators
Manor House
Grange Road
WR14 3EY

Regular Giving:

Our work of making worthwhile projects happen on the Malvern Hills and Commons can be difficult when we are unsure of how much income we will have to invest in making projects happen. Giving us a small donation each month is a really great way to donate, spreading the cost to you and helping us to plan with certainty. You can give by Standing order.

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