Living in

The Malvern Hills and Commons are a fantastic place to live – the Hills form a unique backdrop to everyday life and the commons and verges that thread though the settlements ensure a green and healthy place to work and play.

But this landscape needs taking care of – the cumulative effect of even minor damage can degrade this special place for everyone else. There are many ways that local residents can help out by:

Becoming a volunteer

Making a donation towards the work of the Trust


Good Neighbours' Guide

Our Good Neighbours' Guide is now being delivered to residents around Malvern.  This helpful booklet provides information about the Malvern Hills Trust and advice on how local people can help care for the Hills and Commons.

Update - The Good Neighbours' Guide has been delivered to residents in Malvern Wells, Malvern Link, West Malvern and Welland.  Other areas of Malvern will receive their copy in spring 2018.

We've also got an electronic copy for those who live outside the Malvern area but want to find out more.

Good Neighbours' Guide (PDF)