Land Management plan

The Malvern Hills and Commons are a large, complex and multi-designated landscape that is used and enjoyed by a wide range of people.  Managing such a landscape is a big challenge with many legal duties that must be met and a wide range of opinions and demands of the land must be balanced.

Our practical work on the ground is guided by the Land Management Plan (2016-2021).  This document was developed with partners and four public consultation exercises. 

The plan is split into three parts.

Part 1 - Description

This first part identifies the drivers behind the Trust's work and then describes the land and all it's features.

Land Management Plan Part 1 (PDF)

Part 2 - Evaluation

This part evaluates what has been described in Part 1 in order to identify the priorities.

Land Management Plan Part 2 (PDF)

Part 3 - Objectives and work programme

The final part clarifies what the goals are (objectives) and describes how Trust will achieve them in the work programme.

Land Management Plan Part 3 (PDF)

Supporting information

Appendix 1 lists all the features of the Hills and Commons and was used to evaluate and prioritise them.

Appendix 1 - Evaluation (PDF)

Four public consultations were held to put this plan together.  This included the opportunity for the public contribute to 'Your Views', a postcard exercise to list what they liked about the Hills and what they thought were issues.

Summary of 'Your Views' (PDF)

Much of the Malvern Hills and Commons are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  This means we have a legal duty to conserve and enhance the special features of the SSSI.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest