Malvern Hills Acts

The Malvern Hills Trust looks after over 1,200 hectares of land including open hilltops, urban commons, wooded slopes and haymeadows.  All of the work we do to care for this landscape for people and wildlife is determined and guided by the Malvern Hills Acts.

We manage approximately 1,200 hectares (3,000 acres) of open grassland, woodland and scrub across the Hills and Commons and we strive to manage this land for the benefit of wildlife, the commoners, the local community and the hundreds of thousands of people who visit the Hills each year.  

Our key objectives (as mentioned in our Act’s) are to:

  • Preserve the natural aspect
  • Protect and manage trees, shrubs, turf and other vegetation
  • Prevent unlawful digging and quarrying
  • Keep the Hills open, unenclosed and unbuilt on as open spaces for the recreation and enjoyment of the public
  • Conserve and enhance biodiversity, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments on its land.

Occasionally these objectives conflict, and where that happens we aim to find the most appropriate balance between them.  

Malvern Hills Acts 1884 (PDF)

Malvern Hills Acts 1909 (PDF)

Malvern Hills Acts 1924 (PDF)

Malvern Hills Acts 1930 (PDF)

Malvern Hills Acts 1995 (PDF)


The Malvern Hills Trust is the working name of the Malvern Hills Conservators (charity number 515804)

The land that falls under our care can be viewed on the map above.

Please be aware that this is not a definitive map and should only be used for illustrative purposes.
Please refer to the Land Registry for definitive boundaries or contact the office.

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About Us

The Malvern Hills Trust is the new working name of the Malvern Hills Conservators, a body that was first established by Act of Parliament in 1884 to protect and manage the Malvern Hills and the adjacent commons.

We are a registered charity (charity no 515804) with a governing Board and a team of Staff who together work to ensure the Hills are open for the public, whilst protecting the landscape and ecology of this iconic landscape.

Our Vision

A beautiful, inspiring landscape, rich in heritage and wildlife – for the peaceful recreation of everyone.  

Our Mission

To restore, conserve and increase appreciation of the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Hills and Commons, keeping them open and accessible to the public for peaceful recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.