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The Management Plan

The Management Plan sheds some light onto the many management decisions taken, the reasons for them and the amount of thought and preparation that goes into every management action.

Wildlife Info.

Whether a committed amatuer naturalist or a student in search of data for your projects - we hope you can find all the information you need right here.


Wildlife Data and Reports


1983 NVC report by Atkinson. Download.

1992 Vegetation Survey Report by Alma/Jones. Download.

1999 The Plant Communities of the Grasslands held by the Malvern Hills Conservators by Alma/Jones. Download.

2001 Bracken on the British Camp by J A Bundred. Download.

2002 Woodland Boundary Survey by K Stephen. Download.

2002 The Plant Communities of a site on the Malvern Hills 6 years after a fire by D Merry. Download.

2003 NVC report by K Stephen. Download.

2003 Heather Communities on British Camp by P Bailly. Download.

2005 version of The Notable Flora on the Malvern Hills Conservators land by K. Barnett and P. Garner. Download.

2006 NVC report by Carter Ecological. Download.

2007 study on the variations in the Malvern Hills Grasslands by Carter Ecological. Download.

2016 Notable Flora on MHC land A - G. Download

2016 Notable Flora on MHC land H - Z. Download

Lepidoptera - (Butterflies and Moths)

2007 Grayling Butterfly survey and report by Dr S Clarke. Download.

2008 Key Buttefly Species report by Dr S Clarke and D Green. Download.

2015 Grayling press release. Download


2007 Fungi Survey of the Northern Hills by S and G Spence. Download.

2008 Fungi Survey of the Southern Hills and Castlemorton by S and G Spence. Download.

Amphibians and Reptiles

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Breeding Birds of the Malvern Hills - Available to buy here.


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Visitor related data

Footpath Erosion Report by S Britnell. Download.

Malvern Hills AONB Visitor Survey 1999 - 2000. Download.

Carpark Study 2002. Download.

Restoring the Views from the Hills around Malvern 2006. Download.

Analysis of Malvern Hills Conservators 2007 Visitor Survey by Worcestershire Council. Download.



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