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The Application Form(s) should be downloaded and printed out. Then please fill in the details as required, sign it and return it to the Malvern HillsConservators Office in plenty of time. The address is on the forms.

Permissions and Application Forms

Easements & Wayleaves

The Malvern Hills Conservators Director has plenary powers to grant overground and underground easements or wayleaves. This document sets out the conditions under which this permission is given. The conditions apply over the full area of land used as working areas and accesses by the applicant. A2 is 16" X 24"

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Filming Policy

Many people gain inspiration from the Malvern Hills and this policy is not aimed at those who wish to film, photograph or paint the Hills.

The Hills and commons are there for everyone to enjoy. When we give permission for commerical film companies we need to make sure that the public are not too inconvenienced. When vehicles and equipment are needed we need to make sure that the land is not damaged. We may permit filming on our land, subject to the conditions in the enclosed application form.

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Posters & Signs

The Malvern Hills Conservators only permit posters and signs on land under their management subject to certain conditions. These are listed here together with an application form.

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Sponsored Walks / Events

Organisers of sponsored walks are requested to follow these guidelines in order to help preserve the unique beauty of the Malvern Hills and Commons, this will also enable us to confirm that the walk does not clash with another event and also to notify our wardens. Please read the guidelines and sign. Return this to us with your application form to the postal address, or to

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Voluntary Wardens

The Warden team provides a valuable interface between the Conservators and visitors to their land. Voluntary Wardens contribute fully to this team and fulfil many of the roles of the fulltime wardens.

Diary of Events

To see what events are taking place on the Hills or to book an event then please look at our events diary.

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