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Some fun ideas...

  • Butterfly Walks!
  • The Lamp Post
  • Explore the Hills

Ideas for Kids

A few ideas to entertain the children!

Malvern in the Autumn

Exploring the Hills

The Malvern Hills provide many activities for families.
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Outdoor Education CentreMalvern Hills Outdoor Education Centre

The site has an extensive set of Ropes courses, High Level Challenge Activities and Climbing Towers.

Tel: 01684 574546


Malvern TheatreMalvern Theatre

Take the children to the theatre which is set against the dramatic backdrop of the Malvern Hills.

Tel: 01684 580942

Face paintingFace Painting

Free face painting for the kids at Malvern Hills Arts & Framers on Belle Vue Terrace


Bugs & Butterfly Walks at MalvernBugs/ Butterfly Walks

Go out on Malvern Hills with your children and spend the afternoon on a Bug Hunt! Butterflies found on the Malverns can have some fantastic names that kids will love so get them looking for a 'Hairstreak', a 'Skipper', a 'Red Admiral' or the 'Peacock'.


LampostThe Lamp Post

Hunt for the old fashioned lamps that are described in the first screen in Narnia. Lucy, the youngest of the children, climbs into a wardrobe and finds herself in a snow covered forest with a lamp post in the centre.







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