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Look after our hills...

Please take care of the Malvern Hills and always bag and bin your litter!

Things Not To Do


Water bodies on the Hills and Commons are exceptionally dangerous and no one should attempt to swim in them. Swimming within any water body on our land is illegal.

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Grass Boarding

Grass boarding is not allowed on the Hills or commons. The nearest place for taking part in the sport is at Mountain Board Centre Cradley.

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Although this activity has declined with the lack of snow, we discourage grass sledging as it erodes the slopes.

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Malvern Hills Outdoor Centre takes students into Gullet Pool, but generally canoeing is not encouraged.

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The hunting and killing of foxes is illegal, we do allow the Hunt on our land to exercise in line with the law of the land.

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Shooting - Guns and Crossbows

Because all the land is open access we do not allow weapons.

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Camping and Overnight Parking

Camping is not allowed on the Malvern Hills, the nearest campsites are at the Marlbank Inn, Welland, Kings Green or Blackmore Park.

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Cars and Motorbikes

Cars and motorbikes are not allowed on the Hills or commons except in established car parks. Download Access to the hills indicates where these are.

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BBQs are a popular summer activity. However the fire brigade are called out every year to fires that are out of control. Please use a purpose made BBQ that is raised off the ground and take plenty of water to douse it afterwards. Be careful with disposable BBQs as these burn the grass if placed directly on the ground.

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Rally, concerts and assemblies are not allowed under the byelaws.

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