Thank you to everyone who has responded to our public consultation by submitting the consultation questionnaire.  This consultation is now closed. 

All the responses will now be collated, analysed and summarised in a full report which will be presented to the board of trustees as soon as possible - anticipated in February 2020.


Ancillary Land
This term applies to any land or buildings acquired:
  1. Under section 9 of the Malvern Hills Act 1995 (power to provide buildings for use by the conservators);
  2. Under section 53 of the Commissioners Clauses Act 1847 (power to provide offices, etc.) or
  3. Pursuant to an Order of the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
  4. It is land acquired for operational purposes – offices, storage, workshops, land exclusively used as in bye land etc, which is not public access land.
Best interest of the charity
That which will best enable the charity to fulfil its purposes for the public benefit. It is not serving the best interests of the trustees, the staff or the organisation itself.
Board of trustees, who together are responsible for management of the Trust.
Commissioners Clauses Act 1847
Charities Act
Charities Act 2011
Connected person
Any trustee's spouse, civil partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent or grandchild (or any spouse or civil partner of any of these people), or a person in a relationship with a trustee which may reasonably be regarded as equivalent to that of a spouse or civil partner.
Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Kings Third
King Charles I agreed to give up his right to take deer across the whole of Malvern Chase in return for enclosing one third of the area. The area he enclosed is the King’s Third.
Malvern Hills
This is shorthand for all the land under the Trust’s jurisdiction, to which the public normally have access, including the Malvern Hills themselves, the commons, verges and woods. It does not include the Ancillary Land.
MHT, the Trust
Malvern Hills Trust (This is the working name of Malvern Hills Conservators)
Purpose Land
This is the land under the Trust’s jurisdiction to which the public normally have access and which is held to fulfil its charitable objectives. It does not include Ancillary Land.
A Scheme made under s 37 Charities Act 2011.
Special majority
75% or more of those present and voting at a meeting.
A trustee of the Malvern Hills Trust (previously referred to as conservators).