Trustee election - Vacancy for Priory Ward

7th May 2021

The result of the by-election for the Priory Ward has been published.

Mr David Watkins has been elected to the Board of Trustees.

27th April 2021

Notice of Poll

20th April 2021

Candidate statements

Michael Johnson

Statement: 2020 has brought sharp focus to bear upon the crucial importance of our countries protected spaces and like many who regularly walk the hills, I recognise the challenges faced by the Trust in preserving the Hills for a wider range of users each with differing perspectives.

So rather than 'leaving it for someone else to sort out', I would rather step in, have a go, and get involved.

What I Will Do: Fully represent the interests of the Priory ward and all residents of Malvern who care about the stewardship of our Malvern Hills and surrounding commons.

Ensure that Malvern is receiving good value from the precept (tax) levied.

Provide full accessibility and accountability over my term.

Provide clear and accessible communication and always be happy to meet up over a coffee.

Who Am I?: Chartered Engineer and Art student (fighting for the survival of the Art College)

Recently moved from 25 years living in the town to Clevelode, at last to a flat garden.

Lead walks on the hills including the annual Malvern Walking Festival.

Why Me?: I passionately believe that it is only by engaging fully with the community, that the place and role of the Trust in both the present and future of our beautiful hills can be maintained.


David Street

I was brought up in Malvern and went to Hanley Castle Grammar School.  After the Army and university I spent my entire career in business culminating with running my own business consultancy - including work for the Prince's Trust.  I have lived in Priory Ward since retirement and have the time to devote to this important trusteeship.

I served on the Board of the Malvern Hills Trust for 8 years until October 2019.  I am currently a trustee of Malvern u3a.  I have been involved with and support the proposed changes to the MHT's governance.  Redrafting the 5 Acts of Parliament into modern English will be helpful in our understanding of the Trust's work.  A reduction in the size of the Board (as recommended by the Charity Commission) will also make the Trust a more efficient and effective organisation - to continue to manage and keep our beautiful hills and commons open and free for all to access.

I would like to serve again to assist the approval and implementation of these important changes.  Please entrust me with your vote on the 6th May.


David Watkins

As someone who was born, lived and worked in Malvern for over thirty years, I hope that I can ask for your support on May 6th to fill the vacancy in Priory on the Malvern Hills Trust.

It is thanks to a few eminent residents who in the mid eighteenth century formed the Malvern Hills Conservators, the fore runner of what is now the Malvern Hills Trust, all under the protection of several Acts of Parliament.

Serious concerns had been raised up by the increase in quarrying throughout the Hills, which resulted in permanent closure only sixty years ago.  Nature has worked never ending over the decades to cover the many man-made scars, but it is the constant practical work undertaken by the Trust, that continues to draw community and visitors alike.

If you support me and I am elected to the Trust on May 6th.  I hope that I will play a part more closely with the local community and its residents.

22nd March 2021 

Notice of election

The Malvern Hills Trust is inviting candidates to stand for election to join the Trust’s Board of trustees.

A by-election will be held on the 6th May to fill a vacancy for the Priory Ward and the Trust is encouraging potential candidates to get in touch and register their interest.

The Trust is the charity that looks after the Hills and Commons and is governed by the Malvern Hills Acts.  The Board of trustees is the body which is legally responsible for managing the Trust, with eleven of its trustees elected by the voters of Malvern, Guarlford, Colwall and Mathon.

The trustees are responsible for the strategic oversight of the charity, ensuring that it is meeting its statutory and charitable objectives.  The Board meets at least 5 times a year, with most trustees also sitting on at least one of the 4 committees.  

Candidates standing for the election do not have to live in the Priory ward but must be over 18 and registered to vote in, live in or work in one of the wards or parishes that pay the Trust’s levy (town of Malvern, parishes of Colwall, Guarlford, Malvern Wells, Mathon or West Malvern).

A spokesperson of the Trust said “Becoming one of our trustees is a privilege but also a significant responsibility.   It is an opportunity to get involved in making some of the key decisions about how the Trust delivers its charitable objectives.  These range from looking after the Hills and Commons which are managed by the Trust to financial control of the charity, health and safety matters and risk management.

“Candidates should be prepared to commit regular time to this important role.  We would recommend anyone interested in standing has a look at the Board and Committee papers available on our website, in order to get a clear appreciation of the range of work they may be involved in such as land management, finance, charity governance or human resources.”

“One important point to note is that being a charity trustee is different from being elected to a local authority.  Once elected, our trustees are legally obliged to act in the best interests of the charity and are not representatives of the voters.”

Potential candidates are invited to attend an online briefing session on the evening of 16th March.  Those interested in taking part should contact the Trust on 01684 892002 or email to register their interest and book a place.  The Trust also welcomes people to contact them for an informal chat to find out more about the organisation and becoming a trustee.

Nominations are expected to open on Monday 22nd March and close on 8th April.  More information about the Trust can be obtained from their offices at Manor House, Grange Road Malvern.