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Richard Bartholomew

Ward - Malvern Link

Although originally from the edge of Greater London, I always lived within about 2 miles of open country, chalk downs with public access, and as it was just a bike or bus-ride away it was a resource that we as a family took for granted.

Coming to live in Malvern years later, a major attraction for us was the fact that the Hills and Commons were so close and we were able to get to them with small but growing children. My son’s first bike ride without trainer-wheels was on Malvern Link Common which is closest to my home.

I was first elected to the Trust for Malvern Link ward in 2015 and am an enthusiast for the special places that the Trust looks after.

My employment over the years has been Social Work in one guise or another-practitioner manager, teacher- and my work experience has taught me the importance of looking after the emotional and mental health of our selves and those who are dear to us. There is now increasing evidence to show that by taking ourselves into Nature we can do much to support our own emotional health.

So ‘Here’s to the Health of the Hills and Our-Selves!’