Brackenburn are back!

We're pleased to welcome Brackenburn back to the Malvern Hills.

Following great success in 2016, Brackenburn will be returning to the Malvern Hills to harvest bracken from the Commons.

Over the next couple of weeks the bracken will be cut, left to rest then harvested and transformed into 'Brackettes' which can be burnt on log fires.

This is a great way to make use of and control the plant which can smother smaller flowering plants and grasses.  In other places on the Hills, bracken is rolled to weaken it which, over time, will lead to a less dense stand allowing grassland flowers to grow through.

Bracken is a good habitat for small mammals, reptiles and some birds.  However, if left unmanaged it can take over huge areas of countryside.

Brackenburn will be taking bracken from Hollybed Common and Malvern Common during the first part of September.

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See a video of Brackenburn in action on Malvern Common in 2016