Tree and grass management

With over 1200 hectares of open hilltop, wooded slopes, open commons and meadows to manage we have a programme of routine management for grass and trees.

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Grass management 

Grassland on the Hills and Commons are managed differently depending on their use and we work to balance the needs of people and wildlife.  Some areas are mown regularly for example the football field on Malvern Common, which local people can use.  

Other areas are only mown once a year to allow wildflowers to bloom and seed, providing great habitats for small mammals, butterflies and bees.

We've put together a summary of how we manage grasslands.

The grassland on the ridgeline of the Hills and Castlemorton Common are grazed by cattle and sheep all year round to maintain this open habitat.

Please remember not to plant anything or place any signs, stones or markers on Common Land.

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Tree management

We own and manage a large number of trees on land adjacent to residential properties and highways in and around the Malvern Hills.

To protect and care for these trees, for the benefit of both people and wildlife, we have developed the following document which contains all the policies relating to suburban tree management.

Suburban tree management policies (PDF)

If you have any concerns regarding tree safety, please read the policy relating to Dangerous Trees.  Trees on land under the jurisdiction of the Malvern Hills Trust are surveyed every three years by a qualified arboriculturalist.

Local residents are welcomed to refer to the document and the policies it contains prior to contacting the Malvern Hills Trust regarding suburban tree management.

If you have a question that is not covered within the policy document then please call us on 01684 892002 or send us a message.

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