Commons and Commoners

Around 90% of the Hills and Commons are registered common land. This is historic, unenclosed land that has changed little since medieval times.

The commons are owned by Malvern Hills Trust but are subject to legal rights attached to some local properties. These people with these rights are called Commoners. 

The official register of commoners' rights is held and maintained by the County Council.

The most frequent right is that of pasture, which means a right to turn certain livestock out to eat the grass. In the 20th century there were far more people exercising their rights compared to today, however you may encounter livestock anywhere at any time.

Local people and their livestock continue to have a huge role in maintaining these rich and attractive landscapes full of wildlife and cultural heritage.

Many people come across the sheep and cattle of Castlemorton Common. These livestock have right of way on the roads, please drive carefully and with due consideration.

As the commons are not wholly secure, livestock may be found wandering from the common and adjacent properties must ensure their boundaries are stock-proof.

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Castlemorton Commons Coordinating Committee

The Castlemorton Commons Coordinating Committee (or 4Cs') was set up to advise the Malvern Hills Trust and the owner of Coombe Green Common on matters relating to the management of Castlemorton Common and to consider and represent the views of the residents, and users. The 4C's is an committee independent of the Malvern Hills Trust but the Trust administers the meetings.

Castlemorton Commons Coordinating Committee