Horse riding

Horse riders have a right of access across the Hills and Commons meaning your rides don't have to follow the bridleways over the Hills and Commons.  We ask riders to follow the horse riding code to help all visitors enjoy this shared landscape.

Horse riding code

We ask all horse riders to follow our horse riding code to help protect the Hills and Commons.

  • Please ride with care and consideration, other visitors to the Hills may not be accustomed to horses
  • Wear hi-vis clothing which will make you clearly visible
  • Ride slowly past livestock particularly in winter and early spring when sheep are pregnant as frightened sheep can abort
  • Help protect the land by riding carefully on thin or wet soils e.g. by not galloping
  • Please avoid riding on archaeological monuments including British Camp, Shire Ditch and Midsummer Hill
  • Racing or professional training of horses is not allowed and is against MHC byelaws

'Walkers only' paths

Although horse riders have a right of access over land under the care of the Trust there are some paths where access is restricted.

These include the Easier Access Trails from Earnlaw Quarry car park and Black Hill car park and the path adjacent to Jubilee Drive. Walkers are given priority here.  Please take note of signs where access is restricted.