Sheep die after dog attack

More sheep die after dog attack on the Malvern Hills this weekend.

On Sunday, around noon, sheep were chased from Broad Down, near to British Camp, and one was attacked.

At around 11:30am today a second sheep was found and has had to be put down due to the serious nature of its injuries.

This incident follows a dog attack that took place just three weeks ago on the Worcestershire Beacon where a sheep was killed by a dog.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said 'There is no need for this to happen - all dogs should be kept on a lead near livestock, no matter what breed, size, or training.'

'These attacks are distressing for all parties involved, the sheep, grazier, dog and dog owner.  Don't take the risk, take the lead.'

The Malvern Hills Trust provides weekly information for visitors and local people on where the sheep and cattle can be found on the Hills.  This is available on the MHT website and in the Malvern Gazette.  The public are also able to subscribe to receive a weekly Stockwatch update straight to their email inbox with information on location of livestock in the MHT grazing schemes.

Beck added 'We'd like to remind people that the Malvern Hills and Commons are registered common land so livestock could be found anywhere at any time.  Be prepared to come across sheep and cattle anywhere on the Hills.  Take a lead and use it.'

If anyone has any information on either of the incidents, please contact us on 01684 892002.  Livestock worrying, including chasing within and without the electric fencing, is a criminal offence and the police may be involved in cases on the Malvern Hills and Commons.