Restoring our heritage

Part of the Hill's heritage is being restored as the renovation of the Belvedere at the Wyche Cutting gets underway.

This Grade II listed building will undergo repairs and repainting to keep it in good condition for future visitors thanks to a kind gift from a member of the public.

Beck Baker, community and conservation officer said, 'We are extremely grateful to the member of the public who supported our charity through a legacy.  Thanks to their kindness, we can preserve part of this landscape's heritage for years to come.'  

'We would encourage others to think of our charity when writing their wills.  These donations make a huge difference in helping us to care for this landscape, its heritage, geology, archaeology, habitats and paths for visitors'.

The name 'belvedere' is defined as a ‘structure sited to take advantage of scenic view’ and offers a resting place for many a weary walker or cyclist.  Built in 1942, the shelter and seats were constructed in the memory of Lt-Colonel A H Boulton.  

A H Boulton led the 13th Gloucestershire Regiment and oversaw the building of the encampment above the railway line on Malvern Common.  Following training exercises on the Hills (including up British Camp) the Lt-Col Boulton commanded the regiment through the First World War and returned to Malvern where he died in 1932.

If you'd like to support our charity caring for the Malvern Hills, you can find out more here.