Remembering Edwin Lees

Today is the anniversary of the death of Edwin Lees, who passed on this day in 1887. Born in 1800, Edwin was a superb naturalist who wrote some of earliest ecological accounts of the Malvern Hills and surrounding area, based on his many excursions. His published works include: Pictures of Nature around the Malvern Hills, 1856, and Botany of Malvern, 1843.

Today we use Lees’ books as a baseline helping us understand how the flora has changed and to identify species lost that could be reintroduced in the future.  

Lees also established the Worcestershire Naturalist's Field Club and became the group's first president.  Lees remained Vice-president of the group until his death and maintained a similar position in the Malvern Naturalist's Field Club.

but turn we to the Hills, the glorious Hills, - beauteous still as of old…”