Tree safety work underway

Tree maintenance work around the Malvern Hills has begun following a routine tree safety inspection.

The Trust has received recommendations from an independent qualified arboriculturalist for work to remove potential hazards from trees around the town of Malvern.

The works include pollarding, removal of dead wood and the felling of trees where they pose a significant risk to highways and properties.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said “This work is part of our routine winter programme in line with our Tree Safety Policy.  Each year, land under the jurisdiction of the Trust is surveyed and tree works are recommended to us.’

“With many trees under our jurisdiction in suburban areas, along tree-lined avenues and on wooded slopes we take tree safety very seriously and will carry out works, where required, to remove significant risks to property and highways.”

Each year 1/3rd of the Trust’s land near roads and buildings is surveyed and any trees showing signs of damage or disease are reported to the Trust alongside tree maintenance recommendations for safety reasons.  Under this programme, all trees in these suburban areas are surveyed every three years.

Recommended works can include the removal of branches, dead wood or the felling of trees in some circumstances.

Beck added “Trees are an important part of our local and wider environment.  Where trees are recommended for removal in our safety report, we will replant tree where appropriate, for example along Malvern’s distinctive avenues, to preserve this heritage and tree cover.”

This year's safety work will include tree maintenance work at Foley Terrace, Link Common and Newland.

For more information on trees please find our Suburban Tree Management Policies and our Tree Position Statement.