Leave the BBQs at home

With warmer weather expected over the coming weeks we're urging people to leave the BBQ's at home this summer.

Following weeks of dry weather, much for the vegetation on the Hills and Commons has dried out increasing the risk of wildfires starting and spreading quickly.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said, "We're asking people to leave their BBQ's at home as they aren't permitted anywhere on the Hills and Commons due to the risk they pose for potentially starting wildfires.  In recent months we've seen an increase in the use of BBQ's, including on Castlemorton Common."

A wildfire on the Hills and Commons could put the public, grazing livestock and nearby residential properties at risk as well as damaging the nationally important and scarce species and habitats on the Hills.  

Beck added "Our wardens are regularly patrolling the Hills and Commons to keep people safe.  As BBQ's are not permitted at any time on land under our care, any BBQ's seen by wardens will be immediately extinguished."

Visitors are also being asked to reduce the chance of wildfires by extinguishing cigarettes properly and never throwing cigarette ends on the ground.

"Wildfires often don’t start by themselves, and the majority of wildfires are started by people either accidentally or deliberately. We’re asking people to remain vigilant and act responsibly in the warm, dry weather.

If you do see a fire, please call 999 immediately.  Early detection can prevent a fire becoming much more dangerous, serious, and uncontrollable wildfire.