Stay safe - fireworks

We'd like to remind people to leave the fireworks at home this season and to just enjoy watching other displays from the tops of the Malverns.

It is illegal to let off any firework in a public place, which includes the Malvern Hills and Commons, and this carries a fine of up to £5,000.  Police may also issue an £90 Fixed Penalty Notice.

Fireworks can be dangerous and with lots of visitors to the Malverns it is important that people can watch surrounding displays without the risk of danger from others.

The Malverns are also home to grazing cattle and sheep who can be frightened by fireworks.  Last year livestock were frightened by fireworks released on the Hills and ran through the electric fencing putting them at risk of injury on the nearby roads.

Please enjoy the watching the displays from the hilltops but please leave the fireworks at home.