Sheep and lambs return to the Hills

Sheep and lambs will be returning to the main Malvern Hills ridgeline this week. 

After lambing on lower ground, sheep with their new lambs will be back grazing on west Pinnacle Hill this week and others will return to graze west Worcestershire Beacon from next week.

To keep the grazing livestock safe, we're asking people to put their dogs on a lead within the grazing compartments and near livestock.

Beck, Community and Conservation Officer said "If in doubt about how your dog will behave around cattle and sheep, always keep it on a lead.  You may find livestock outside of these compartments and sheep and lambs are grazing freely throughout Castlemorton and Hollybed Commons so you should always be prepared to meet livestock on your visit."

Livestock worrying, which includes chasing, is a crime and could result in a fine, or in serious cases, the destruction of the dog.

Beck added "A large number of new dogs have been purchased during lockdown and some of these lack training and socialisation which could increase the risk of attacks on sheep as well as on other dogs.  Please keep your pet under effective control at all times which means keeping your dog in sight at all times, being confident it will return on command, or kept on a lead.  The Hills and Commons are visited by walkers, horse riders and cyclists who may not want to be approached by your dog even if you think it's being friendly."

If you witness a livestock worrying incident, please report it to the Trust on 01684 892002 to alert a grazier to attend.  An animal receiving swift veterinary treatment could save it's life.  You should also report the incident to the police on the non-emergency 101 number.

The locations of livestock within the Trust's grazing projects can be found in the Trust's weekly Stockwatch update and also in the Malvern Gazette.