Wildfire risk alert

As warmer weather is forecast for this week we're urging people not to have BBQ's or light fires on the Hills and Commons as the risk of wildfire increases.

Recent warmer temperatures and low rainfall has resulted in the drying of the vegetation, including scrub and grasslands, on the Hills and Commons.  This greatly increases the chances wildfires starting and causing huge devastation.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said,  "BBQ’s are not permitted on the Hills and Commons due to the risk they pose for potentially starting wildfires.  Disposable barbeques are particularly problematic as they can be windblown, and, if placed directly on the ground, cause damage to the important grassland vegetation underneath.

"Wildfires often don’t start naturally, by themselves, and the majority of wildfires are started by people either accidentally or deliberately. We’re asking people to remain vigilant and act responsibly in the warm, dry weather."

A wildfire on the Hills and Commons could be devastating and puts the public, grazing livestock and nearby residential properties at risk.  Fire can also damage the nationally important and scarce species and habitats of the Hills.

If you do see a fire, please call 999 immediately.  Early detection can prevent a fire becoming much more dangerous, serious, and uncontrollable wildfire.