Bike Week

This week is Bike Week (5th to 11th June) and we've been sharing information about cycling on the Malvern Hills and Commons.

Day 1

As we celebrate cycling on the Hills and Commons we're supporting Cycling UK's,  "Be nice, say Hi!" campaign.

The Malvern Hills and Commons are a shared space and whether you're walking, cycling, jogging or on horse back, you'll meet others who are also walking, cycling, jogging or on horse back.

However you're travelling, when approaching other visitors, say hello!  It's a great way to let people know that you're there so you can safely pass if you need to.  Please remember that some visitors may be hard of hearing so be patient and give others the time and space to react to you being there.

You may see "Be nice, say Hi" signs dotted around the Hills on your ride or walk. 

"Be nice, say Hi" and Bike Week are campaigns led and promoted by Cycling UK.


Day 2

Getting out on two wheels is just one of the ways that you can explore the Malvern Hills and Commons.  Whether you're riding with family and friends, or taking time out in nature, more than 56km of bridleway and permissive cycle way cross this landscape.

Keeping to these routes will help protect the sensitive habitats and local wildlife, whilst you're enjoying your ride.

Find out more about cycling on the Malvern Hills and Commons and how to find where to ride.


Day 3


Sometimes it can be difficult to find your way along the bridleways especially if you're unfamiliar with the Malvern Hills.

To help, there are three waymarked cycling routes to follow.  The routes aren't graded and as with the Malvern Hills there are some steep hills but the views and variety of landscape you'll experience are worth it.

Pick up the route cards from the Malvern and Upton Tourist Information Centres, or download a GPX file from our website - happy riding!

Day 4

It's day 4 of Bike Week and it's not just visitors who cycle on the Hills and Commons.

Trust staff use bicycles to get into work and also as transport for getting to site visits.

Whether surveying trees, checking on new gates or heading out to lead a guided walk, a bike has many benefits as a way of travelling.  A slower pace allows staff to spot issues along the way and easily stop to check on things; access areas that motor vehicles can't (more quickly than walking); and they're good for the environment!

Day 5

On the final day of Bike Week we'd like to thank local mountain bike volunteers who have helped improve access for visitors on the Hills.

Over a number of years, local riders have kindly given their time to clear vegetation form popular bridleways that were beginning to be obscured by vegetation.  By removing overhanging bracken and scrub and widening the route, access has been improved for all visitors including walkers and horse riders who can pass each other more safely.

We look forward to the next task this coming winter!