Advance notice - Path repair works

Path repairs will be taking place next week on a popular route up to the Worcestershire Beacon.

On the 20th and 21st March, contractors will be repairing a section of path on the eastern side of the summit of the Worcestershire Beacon. 

Whilst works are underway, please take heed of signage and follow any instructions given by contractors for your safety.  Work vehicles will be using the track to access the site on both days. There may be some disruption to access on these days and we apologise for any inconvenience.

In recent years this part of the route has become eroded making access more difficult for visitors.  This particular route is surfaced from the Wyche Cutting up Beacon Road, to almost the very top of the highest point on the Malverns. Used by a wide variety of visitors including walkers, those using Trampers or mobility scooters, and cyclists, these repairs to the upper section will enable more people to access the Worcestershire Beacon for years to come.