Leave the BBQ at home

Trust wardens have recently had to attend to damage to a memorial bench caused by a disposable BBQ.  The heat from the BBQ placed on the bench has left a significant scorch mark which Trust staff will now address.

Beck Baker, Community and Conservation Officer said,  "This bench is a special place for people to remember their loved ones and to see the damage is upsetting. 

"With warm weather forecast, we're reminding visitors to leave the BBQ at home. BBQ's and fires are not permitted anywhere on the Hills and Commons due to the risk of wildfires and can cause damage to vegetation and visitor infrastructure.

"Disposable barbeques are particularly problematic as they can be windblown, and, if placed directly on the ground, cause damage to the important grassland vegetation underneath.  As we have seen recently, they can also cause significant damage to benches and other visitor infrastructure."

The majority of wildfires are started by people either accidentally or deliberately and the Trust are asking people to stay vigilant and leave the BBQ at home.

A wildfire on the Hills and Commons could be devastating and puts the public, grazing livestock and nearby residential properties at risk.  Fire can also damage the nationally important and scarce species and habitats of the Hills.

If you do see a fire, please call 999 immediately.  Early detection can prevent a fire becoming much more dangerous, serious, and uncontrollable wildfire.