Trees for climate change

Today the Government has announced its decision to set a net zero emissions target by 2050, in line with recommendations by the Committee on Climate Change.

On the Malvern Hills, the Trust’s woodland creation, through both tree planting and encouraging natural regeneration, will help to reach these targets national targets.

Staff have been tending to over 500 saplings planted this winter by clearing vegetation from around their tree guards.  This careful work will allow the young trees room to flourish and grow into healthy, mature trees.

Planted by the Trust’s volunteers the saplings of Hornbeam, Norway Spruce and Scots Pine were kindly donated by local people.  This work will help to secure the future of Thirds Wood along Jubilee Drive, as well as helping to absorb and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Natural regeneration within the woodland will also increase the amount of tree cover in this much-loved part of the Malvern Hills.

Since 1930, MHT have overseen the increase in native, broadleaf woodland cover on its land rise from 50ha to 350ha today. This has been proactively achieved through both natural succession and tree planting.

Find out more about the Government's announcement here.